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Badaga Calendar 2009

Here is the calendar for Jan 2009 with Badaga month Koodalu [which starts from Jan 10th and falls into Feb 2009] being incorporated

Badaga Calendar 2008

Badaga Cal 2008

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Like in any other calendar, there are 12 months and each month starts on the 10th of English Calendar month but for a few exceptions due to the fact that the month of Feb has 28/29 days [leap year].
I have attempted to make the Badaga Calendars for 2007, 2008 and 2009 in mind that a Badaga month should start on the 10th of an English month as far as possible and also to ensure that the number of days in a month is either 30 or 31 days.
Since Badagas consider ‘Sovara’ (Monday) as the most auspicious and ‘holy’ day, they have attached a lot of importance to that day. Generaly, no non-vegetarian food is taken on Mondays. This is also the weekly holiday and hence shown on top in red colour. No 'Hola Gelcha'[field work] is usually done on 'sovara's.
The biggest festival of Badagas is day-specific and not date-specific. That is to say that this festival - HETHE HABBA - always falls on a Monday [after twelve full moons and on the first Monday of the thirteenth fullmoon]. By the way,full Moon (‘Pournami’ in Tamil) is ‘HUNNAVE’ [pronounced similar to :- hunnu – wound, awai – mother] and New Moon is ‘MUTTU’ in Badaga. Hunnave and Muttu days have a white and black circle next to the date.
I must put on record my great appreciation to Mr.Sivaprakash. B.Sc.,B.Ed (Dhavane Village) and ‘Naakku Betta’ magazine [1979 Goodalu issue] for their pioneering effort on this subject.

1) Koodalu – From 10th Jan to 8th Feb
2) Aalaani - From 9th Feb to 10th Mar
3) Nallaani - From 11th Mar to 9th Apr
4) Aani - From 10th Apr to 9th May
5) Aadire - From 10th May to 9th Jun
6) Aadi - From 10th Jun to 9th Jul
7) Aavaani - From 10th Jul to 9th Aug
8 ) Perattaadhi - From 10th Aug to 9th Sep
9) Dhodda Devige - From 10th Sep to 9th Oct 9th Nov
10) Kiru Devige - from 10th Nov to 9th Dec
11) Thai - From 10th Nov to 9th Dec
12) Hemmatti - From 10th Dec to 9th Jan
I am aware that there is always a slip between the cup and the lip and some errors could have crept into this attempt. May I request all those interested to keep up our great traditions to write in their comments and suggestions so that improvements can be incorporated.
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My dream is that a Badaga Calendar should adorn all our homes soon.
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